Open the lid & begin

Our tendency to look inward for knowledge and wisdom is fading. We scroll, we scan, we swipe, we search. And often, we come up short for the type of deep insight and transformational change that we are looking for. Rather than search for meaning through that which is outside of us, we must explore our own thoughts, feelings and belief systems. We must get more familiar with who we really are, how we make choices, and the ways that we relate to others. Each card in LIGHFBOX provides an opportunity for you to dig deep, understand yourself more thoroughly, and make the right changes to live a life of true fulfillment and purpose.


Created with Expertise

Carefully Curated by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Lara Pence


Designed with Intention

Modern and Sleek Design from Unfinished Metals of Steel and Brass


Built with YOU in Mind

Wisdom Gathered from Over 15 Years of Clinical Experience

What People are Saying


Once I opened the beyond beautiful brass box, I entered into the heart of LIGHFBOX. The cards, also beautifully crafted, have taken me and my clients to a deeper place of learning, inquiring and openness to new experiences. These cards are tools that when used create spaces for reflection and building purpose. I couldn’t be happier with LIGHFBOX 180!

- Dana


I am a start up entrepreneur and I was blessed enough to be on Shark Tank and land a deal with the most amazing shark ever, Mark Cuban. You might think I had everything I needed, but I don't. It is very hard for me to take any time for myself for growth and reflection. I tried to journal but it would only last a few days so I ordered a LIGHFBOX. I knew Dr Lara was the Mind Dr for Spartan Race and highly respected. Well I now have my LIGHFBOX and it is already allowing me to stop, think and reflect on my life, my goals and my challenges. No book, podcast or course has ever given me this much guidance and such simple tools. I'm super excited and can't wait for tonight's card. I am very cautious about reviews and where I put my recommendations and all I can say is that everyone on my gift list will be getting LIGHFBOXES this year-Go for it!!

- Kressa


This was such a small investment for such a big payoff! I’ve been enjoying my LIGHFBOX. We even used the box at a family gathering and it evoked such deep, passionate, and thought provoking discussions. Thanks for such a fantastic product.

- Candice Udiya


Great product for spending quality time with yourself at your convenience. The questions cards are deep, thought-provoking and perfect for reaching back to those life experiences that have contributed to the person I am today. Also, the questions and exercises help to put those life experiences in perspective to create a hopeful future. Quite empowering! Loving my LIGHFBOX journey! Thank you, Dr. Lara!

- Ly Clark


LIGHFBOX is an experience like nothing else on the market. It’s an in depth look inside your soul. Why we function the way we do or feel the things we feel? It’s quiet time in the mornings to get to know your own true self. I love that I get to go at my own pace. I’m not answering to anyone else. I feel no judgement from my notebook as I explore what makes me tick. I highly recommend this box of light and life to anyone looking to know yourself deeper.

- Dailey Statowski



As a psychologist on the front lines of life-changing work, I’ve seen the struggles that people experience when they are at a loss for why they do what they and how they get so stuck. I’ve also seen the brilliant light that can emerge when they begin to claw their way out of unhealthy patterns and move towards a more meaningful and purpose-driven life. And that is why I do what I do, and also why I created LIGHFBOX. In my work with couples, family, and individuals alike, I have observed common themes and concepts that, when explored, help people get unstuck. I’ve worked with some of the most persistent issues – life-destroying eating disorders, destructive and devastated couples, incessant addiction, ego-driven entrepreneurs, and joy-crushing shame - and still, these themes, questions, and lines of inquiry thread through them all. When developing LIGHFBOX, these themes were the principles and the foundation on which I built the intentions, prompts, and questions. I am thrilled to bring this work out into the world where anyone and everyone who wants to better their life, live with greater awareness, and make more intentional choices can benefit. Curious? Well, open the lid and begin.